Enviromental Education Center of Karpenisi

The Environmental Education Centre of Karpenisi (EEC of Karpenisi) is a structure of non -formal education that belongs to the Department of Education and is financed by National and EU funds. It develops a series of actions and activities aimed at the environmental, cultural and economic development of the country.

The actions develop about Education within the Environment with a focus on the natural and human environment with emphasis on the child-centered dimension of the teaching.

Our educational approach

Outdoor experiential environmental education is what’s worth learning for contemporary times. It refers to a procedure for the inner learner to unfold the papyrus of existence and harmony. It’s the way of love and engagement.

Children outdoors are free to explore and play, to discover and create, to develop skills and self-awareness. Every participant is facilitated to lead the group, to cooperate, to share, to express natural curiosity, to set big questions and get big answers through own discoverable knowledge and life stories along the mountain paths.

Environmental education is more than science, is large understanding.

The Environmental Education Center of Karpenisi (like all other centers in Greece) is a flexible educational structure, with the ability to adapt to the situations and necessities of the place, students, citizens, and specific conditions.
It collaborates with agencies from the local and broader community, Universities, clubs, civic groups to develop information and training actions. It utilizes the natural, social and historical environment.
It supports and coordinates one national school network about wildlife at risk, thus ensuring organized scientific, methodological, pedagogical support to teachers.
It implements teacher training seminars on issues of Environmental awareness and teaching field methods and strategies.
In addition, the Environmental Education Center of Karpenisi as an organic cell of the local community addresses the wider community in the region to raise awareness on local, environmental issues, sustainability and good daily habits.

The Environmental Education Centre of Karpenisi was established in 2006. We have been designing and implementing hands on, educational environmental programmes in the natural environment of Evrytania, addressed to environmental groups of primary and secondary level schools.
We also organise seminars, introductory and advanced, individually or in cooperation with other EECs and institutions (e.g. Universities), on sustainability education and current environmental issues.
We also produce educational products on environmental schooling (Wild Fauna of Evrytania, Introduction to the mushrooms of Evrytania, Flora found on Evrytanian hiking paths).

The EEC of Karpenissi organizes a summer school for teachers and environmental events for the local community aimed at raising interest and participation in matters of environmental preservation, health and well-being.

We coordinate the national network (N.N.) of “Wild Fauna in Danger” and organize seminars for the members of this national network in cooperation with affiliate C.E.Es.

We also take part(with affiliate EECs) in N.N.:

Agriculture and Environment(EEC Naoussa)
Tourism and Environment(EEC Arhanes)
The stone bridges of Greece (EEC Makrinitsa)
Local Products (EEC Krestena)
Herbs in our lives (EEC Makrinitsa)
Bee works, people’s goods (EEC Arnaia)
Outdoor Life and Environmental Education (EEC Paranestiou)
Special Education and Environmental Education (EEC Stylida Ypati)

The members of the faculty of ECC Karpenisi carry out specially designed environmental programmes focused on the water, the forest, the soil and nutrition, aromatic herbs and flora, the wild fauna, the starlit sky, tradition and traditional woving and outdoor activities in selected environmental routes of particular environmental and historical interest in the mountainous region of Southern Pindos.
• The starlit sky
• The high mountains
• The water ways and their bridges
• Outdoor activities
• Hiking and rejoicing with nature’s aromas
• From soil to plate
• Unravelling the thread of tradition
• Wild Fauna
• The magical path of Mindfullness

The members of the educational faculty:
Manolis Kopanakis, Headteacher
Maria Katsogianni, Vice Headteacher
Panagiotis Koutras, Faculty member
Kyriaki Florou, Faculty member

Tel. (0030) 2237080843
Fax. 2237080863
mail@kpe-karpen.eyr.sch.gr & kpekarp@gmail.com
P. Mpakogianni 4, GR-36.100
Karpenisi Evrytania